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Rem Offshore chooses Haf Power Solutions (HPS) to supply cLion DC Grid for next Generation Offshore Vessel

Haf Power Solutions AS (HPS), part of ACEL Group, has been chosen by Rem Offshore and Myklebust Verft as power system integrator for the newly announced Energy Subsea Construction Vessel (Designated ST245 ESCV) to be built at Myklebust Verft. This contract is a very important milestone for HPS, and we are happy to contribute to the next generation vessel with advanced and modern technology enabling the vessel to operate net zero emission.

The vessel will be equipped with dual-fuel methanol engines in combination with battery packs. All offshore lifting equipment, including the 250 T crane, is electric and regenerates power to the batteries. The working deck is over 1,400 m2, and it is also prepared for the installation of an offshore gangway for use in offshore wind.


Ronny-Pål Kvalsvik, on behalf of REM Offshore, stated: "Our selection of cLion DC grid reflects REM Offshore's commitment to leading in maritime technology and energy management. We are impressed by how cLion DC grid not only meets our immediate energy needs but also aligns with our vision for a more sustainable and efficient maritime industry. This technology provides us with flexibility and efficiency that are critical for our operations. By implementing cLion DC grid, we anticipate significant improvements in energy consumption and a reduction in operational costs, while also contributing to a greener future for the maritime sector."


Harald Gjerde Riise, Technical Manager at Myklebust Yard, emphasized the significance of a comprehensive and well-defined scope of work, including commissioning, in ensuring the timely delivery of vessels. He stressed the importance of local support during the installation phase and the value of locally produced hardware in mitigating supply chain issues.

Haf Power Solutions will supply cLion DC Grid. Our deliveries consist of DC Grid, Li-Ion batteries, permanent magnet propulsion and thruster motors, Aux. Generator and cControl power management and energy management systems. cLion is designed to minimize energy loss and ensure optimal efficiency. The system is also built to fit several segments such as offshore subsea construction and offshore wind markets.

Marius Granlien (Sales Manager, ACEL Group): "We are delighted that Rem Offshore and Myklebust Verft chooses HPS for the deliveries as the power system integrator. HPS have together with Ship owner, Yard and ship designer designed a power system with high fault tolerance and the possibility for Net zero operation. This contract marks a significant milestone for HPS. "

HPS is a systems integrator specializing in electrical systems for ships. HPS develop systems with high fault tolerance and alternative operating modes. The company uses standard industrial components with custom and proprietary software to improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and carbon footprint in the shipping industry.

ACEL Group consists of the companies Haf Power Solutions AS, ACEL AS, ACEL Baltic UAB and currently has a total of 170 employees. At our head office in Ålesund, we have departments within engineering, switchboard production, marine installations, maritime and offshore service worldwide, power systems, automation, electrical installation & service for residential and commercial buildings.


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