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Haf Power Solutions (HPS) signs contract for Torghatten Nord ferry to be built at Lithuanian Western Baltija Shipbuilding.

The Torghatten Nord ferry will operate the route between Svolvær and Skutvik. The ferry has capacity for 50 cars and 199 people and measures 73.3 meters in length and 14.3 meters in width and will be completed in Q1 2026. The ferry will have a battery capacity of 3600 kWh. Skipsdesigner is the Norwegian Ship Design Company in collaboration with Torghatten Nord.

Eirik Olsen (COO, Torghatten Nord) is looking forward to an exciting project and is a good collaboration to get an energy-efficient vessel to serve the connection Svolvær-Skrova-Skutvik. Torghatten Nord As has chosen to go for a high degree of hybridization beyond the requirement in the tender in line with the company's green strategy.

Haf Power Solutions in the ACEL Group, which acts as system integrator for the project, will supply cLion DC Grid. The system consists of power converters, DC panels, Li-Ion batteries, electric propulsion motors and cControl automation system. cLion is designed to minimize energy loss and ensure optimal efficiency. The system is built up with identical and easily exchangeable power modules so that lead time and spare parts on board are minimized.

Marius Granlien (Sales Manager, ACEL): "We are pleased that Western Baltija Shipbuilding chooses ACEL Group for deliveries of electrical installation and system integration delivered by HPS. We see it as a declaration of confidence from the shipyard and the ship owner that we have been chosen for a large and important new building in the ferry market. The project is a record for the ACEL Group and will involve all companies in the group. HPS has targeted the ferry market and developed cLion DC Grid to be as energy efficient as possible."

Gjermund Johannessen (CEO, The Norwegian Ship Design Company): "We are proud and happy that Torghatten has chosen to realize yet another energy-efficient vessel design from The Norwegian Ship Design Company. Torghatten shows with this project that they are once again taking the green shift seriously. For the vessel that has now been contracted, Torghatten has on its own initiative, without any requirement from the authorities, chosen to build a vessel for all-electric operation between Svolvær and Skrova. We look forward to further good cooperation with shipyard, ship owner and system integrator ACEL / Haf Power Solutions, with whom we have good experience from previous projects."

ACEL AS also contributes to the contract as a subcontractor for Western Baltija Shipbuilding, part of the Western Shipyard Group, in Klaipeda. The contract includes design, engineering, project management on site, and execution of full electrical installation for the ferry being built for Torghatten Nord. This ferry will serve the route between Svolvær and Skutvik.

This project marks an important first step for the collaboration between Western Baltija Shipbuilding and ACEL Group in the commitment to deliver sustainable and efficient maritime solutions. The companies are working together to build a long-term cooperation platform for new construction of ferries in Lithuania. Western Baltija Shipbuilding has over 70 years of shipbuilding experience in Klaipeda, Lithuania with several turnkey ferry projects behind it.

Arnoldas Šileika (CEO at Western Shipyard Group): "Leading the Torghatten Nord electric ferry project marks a very important stage for us, which embodies our commitment to actively contribute to the development of green shipping and the implementation of advanced solutions in this field. We are proud that within the framework of this project, we will cooperate with the highest-level professionals, thus sharing experience, combining competences, and strengthening relations between the leaders of maritime Lithuania and maritime Norway. Advanced clean energy solutions are what make our industry competitive, take modern transportation to a new level, and help protect our unique natural resources. It's a privilege to combine all these efforts in the Torghatten Nord electric ferry project."

ACEL Group consists of the companies Haf Power Solutions AS, ACEL AS, ACEL Baltic UAB and currently has a total of 170 employees. At our head office in Ålesund, we have departments within engineering, board production, marine installations, maritime and offshore service worldwide, power systems, automation, electrical installation & service for residential and commercial buildings. The group also has service departments in Ørskog and Fjord (Valldal).


Bengt-Olav Berntsen, CEO Haf Power Solutions

Telefon: 906 42 298, epost:

Marius Granlien, Sales Manager ACEL Group

Telefon: 406 35 673, epost:


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