Høglund Power Solutions - Energy Storage System on a platform supply vessel



Høglund ESS will make sure generators are optimized to run at ideal load. This results in fewer engines connected to switchboard and 10-15% reduction in fuel & maintenance costs and CO2 emissions.

The operation mode of ESS can be controlled automatically by the embedded Energy Management System or by the operator.

The main operation modes are:

  • Hybrid mode

  • Peakshaving moded

  • DP Mode

Høglund Energy Storage System (ESS) are beneficial to use when either the power demand on the grid is not aligning to the power production capabilities or the grid or the load ramp of the different grid loads exceeds the power plant capabilities.

Another use case is where there a need for spare capacity in case there is a sudden reduction of power generating sets on the grid due to a shutdown of a generator.