Energy Storage System

cBull allows the gensets to run at optimum load. Peaks in power demand are absorbed by the batteries. This results in reduced emissions, fuel consumption maintenance costs and increases redundancy. 

For DP vessels the cBull ESS can also be used as a backup source of power allowing DP operations with closed bus-tie and a reduced number of live generators. 

Hybrid Propulsion System

cLion is designed to optimize the vessel energy efficiency over a wide speed range. Load variations will be taken by battery. Main engine speed can be optimized according to propeller curve, increasing propeller efficiency. 

Hybrid Fish Farm Systems

cSalmo optimizes the use of onboard generators with the help of batteries to significantly reduce generator running hours, fuel consumption, maintenance costs, noise pollution and emissions. 

The system is also easily scalable and prepared for the connection from the onshore power grid and to connect for charging hybrid or electric workboats. 

cSnake IEC 80005-3
Shore Connection System

Shut down generators and have a supply of green and renewable energy from the onshore grid while in port. The result is a reduction in generator running hours, reduced fuel consumption, maintenance costs, noise pollution and emissions.

cSnake can be delivered and installed by our skilled team of service technicians without taking the vessel out of service.

cSnake Onshore
Ship Connection System

A standardized onshore ship connection system facilitating the delivery of 440V/690V & 50/60Hz to ships. This system comes in various power dimensions and is well suited for ports, shipyards and service quays.


cSnake Ship also comes with a tool for export of vessel power consumption for efficient invoicing.

Consulting Services
Engineering & Basic Design

Assistance in Basic Design, Consulting or Engineering tasks




Haf Power Solutions is a joint venture subsidiary of well established companies from the maritime industry. Within the group there are experience and references from Automation and Control Systems, Electrical Installations, Engineering packages, Switchboard deliveries and Consulting - From Repairs, Conversions and New Builds.

Haf Power Solutions focus on electric hybrid systems for ships. We are designing systems with high fault tolerances and alternative operation modes.


Our goal is to use standard industrial components with custom software to improve energy efficiency, reduce OPEX while reducing carbon footprint of shipping.

We select off the shelf hardware and integrates the systems with our own developed software algorithms to optimize plant performance.

By using off the shelf hardware, service costs as well as lead time for spare parts are kept low. Simple parameterization and remote assistance is a key factor when replacing parts to assure low mean time to repair. Using standard components throughout the plant makes it possible to interchange parts between drives if a mission critical drive failure occurs.

Høglund Marine Solutions

Høglund Marine Solutions have since 1993 provided advanced marine technology to the global shipping industry, specialising in system integration. Høglund creates automation and gas solutions that ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations for any vessel type.

Høglund handles both retrofit and new-building projects, acting as trusted advisors at every stage of design, installation and operations.

The Høglund systems are designed around the lifespan of a ship, rather than a throwaway technology cycle, and you'll be able to rely on their products for 20 years or more. They also offer 24/7 remote support from installation onwards, to make sure that all system function optimally throughout their lifetime.


ACEL is an electric turn-key supplier with operations in the marine market World Wide. Important activities include electrical total deliveries to the shipyards in connection with ship building, service and retrofits world wide.​

ACEL has on it's reference list complete responsibility for the electriciation of more than 60 offshore vessels and more than 150 vessels of various types, many of which are among the most advanced vessels of its type ever built in the world.


ACEL has a vision to be an environmentally focused, cost efficient, reliable and global partner for the Customers in the Marine Electrical market with a mission to help the customers optimize their operations and reduce the risks in project execution.



Bengt Olav Berntsen
Martin Skåravik
VP Solutions
Kjell-Christian Krohn Dale
Chairman & CFO
Sigbjørn Svendsen
Software Engineer
Marius Granlien
Sales Manager
Thomas Henriksen
Project Engineer


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